Symptoms and Testing information for Familial Mediterranean Fever MEFV Full Gene Analysis Test

Symptoms and Testing information for Familial Mediterranean Fever MEFV Full Gene Analysis Test

Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) is a hereditary inflammatory disorder that predominantly affects people of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent. It is characterized by recurrent episodes of fever and painful inflammation in the abdomen, chest, or joints. These episodes can vary in severity and duration and are often accompanied by a rash or headache. Understanding the symptoms and genetic basis of FMF is crucial for early diagnosis and effective management of the condition. The MEFV Full Gene Analysis Test, offered by DNA Labs UAE for 7200 AED, is a comprehensive diagnostic tool designed to identify mutations in the MEFV gene, which are responsible for FMF.

Symptoms of Familial Mediterranean Fever

Familial Mediterranean Fever manifests through a range of symptoms, which typically begin in childhood or adolescence. The most common symptoms include:

  • Recurrent fevers: Sudden episodes of high fever that typically last 1-3 days.
  • Abdominal pain: Severe pain in the abdomen, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, mimicking appendicitis.
  • Chest pain: Inflammation of the lining of the lungs (pleuritis) or heart (pericarditis), leading to sharp, stabbing chest pains.
  • Joint pain: Swelling and pain in the joints, particularly in the legs.
  • Rash: A red, raised rash, usually on the legs.
  • Muscle aches: Episodes often include severe muscle pain.

These symptoms are the result of inflammation caused by an abnormal immune response, and their intermittent nature can make FMF challenging to diagnose based solely on clinical presentation.

MEFV Full Gene Analysis Test

The MEFV Full Gene Analysis Test is a genetic test that screens for mutations in the MEFV gene, which encodes for a protein called pyrin. Mutations in this gene disrupt the normal function of pyrin, leading to uncontrolled inflammation and the symptoms of FMF. The test is highly recommended for individuals with a family history of FMF or those who exhibit symptoms of the disease. By identifying specific genetic mutations, the test can confirm a diagnosis of FMF and guide treatment decisions.

Offered at a cost of 7200 AED, the test is a valuable tool in the management of FMF. It involves collecting a DNA sample, usually through a blood draw, which is then analyzed in the laboratory for the presence of mutations in the MEFV gene. Results from the test can help determine the most effective treatment plan, which may include medications to reduce inflammation and prevent damage to organs.

Importance of Early Diagnosis and Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment of Familial Mediterranean Fever are critical to preventing complications, such as amyloidosis, which can lead to kidney failure. The MEFV Full Gene Analysis Test plays a vital role in the early detection of FMF, allowing for prompt initiation of treatment and management strategies. With appropriate treatment, most individuals with FMF can lead normal, healthy lives.

For more information about the MEFV Full Gene Analysis Test and to schedule an appointment, visit DNA Labs UAE.


Familial Mediterranean Fever is a complex condition that requires a comprehensive approach for diagnosis and management. The symptoms of FMF can be debilitating and significantly impact the quality of life. However, with advances in genetic testing, such as the MEFV Full Gene Analysis Test offered by DNA Labs UAE, individuals at risk of FMF can receive an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. By understanding the genetic basis of FMF and utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, it is possible to manage the symptoms and prevent long-term complications.

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