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Our family had problem of cancer and I was bit scared if I am going to get cancer. I wanted to know, it earlier so that I can take treatments. DNA labs UAE had a perfect solution for my problem, they have a test for cancer susceptibility. After getting my test done, I found out that I have risk for colon cancer and immediately approached doctor for further treatment. DNA labs UAE, thank you for providing all the information and helping me out.

Dr. Steve Northrop

I feel great after getting the reports of my baby, that my baby is alright and there was no genetic problem. The customer support and lab team helped a lot making it quick and easy. Thanks DNA labs UAE for your unprecedented support

Mohammed bin Ali Al Abbar

Our Doctors recommended DNA test for our child, as they had found some problems in sonogram. We were confused to which lab we should go for, after going through many laboratories, we found DNA labs UAE’s website which had various genetic test. We contacted them and within a day our sample were collected and results were provided after 1 week and it was accurate, as there was no problem in the child after the birth. I am happy I went to DNA Labs UAE