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Ranked as UAE Most Trusted Genetic DNA Test Lab by Doctors and Hospitals. All Samples processed in USA and Germany Labs.

Paternity DNA Testfrom 1500 AED24 Marker Test
NIPT NGS Testfrom 1500 AEDDown Syndrom Plus Gender
Whole Exome Testfrom 4500 AEDNGS Illumina Platform

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Why DNA Labs UAE?

DNA labs UAE is a leader in DNA Genetic testing for NGS Tests, NGS NIPT Tests, Genetic Tests and Relationship DNA Tests offers innovative tests for Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular and developmental disorders

Send Out Management

DNA Labs UAE can act as a single point of contact and interface for your institution’s reference lab send-outs, for negotiating volume discounts, streamlined ordering, sample shipping, test status reporting and results return. For more on send out management please contact us.

Educational Resources

As part of our mission to partner with health care providers to improve patient care, DNA labs UAE is deeply committed to creating resources that further our community’s knowledge about genetics and genomics.  Check back often as our content will continue to grow.

Join the Network

DNA labs UAE was created to broaden access to the medical genomics expertise in the genetic community. The company is majority owned and controlled by doctors and hospitals and is connecting the networked hospitals to promote sharing of infrastructure in genetic testing.

Real talk from our real customers

DNA Labs UAE offers services that support all aspects of the clinical testing experience, from test ordering to providing the most reliable and up-to-date clinical report for each patient. Our tests are derived from the clinical expertise at hospitals and, if requested, we can connect our clients to subject matter experts for follow-up.

DNA Labs UAE offers a range of services that take the guesswork out of test ordering and support clinicians as they navigate an increasingly complex landscape of genetic diagnostics. Our interpretive services are based on the most up to date and reliable findings and our reports are designed to clearly communicate this complex information

we have a comprehensive menu of tests,with new next-generation sequencing-based services being added to our menu on a regular basis.

We aim to enable providers to integrate genomics into the future of routine medical practice and take pride in our partnership with both our ordering clinicians and the genetic researchers making discoveries that will lead to new tests and clinical knowledge. We are building up our capabilities so please check back regularly and contact us to talk about ways we may work together.

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Samples are tested at worlds best genetic DNA testing facility for all Paternity DNA test, NIPT NGS Tests and Whole exome tests. 

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