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A Paternity DNA Test determines the biological relationship between a father and a child. It analyzes specific DNA markers to establish paternity with a high degree of accuracy

The test usually involves a simple and painless cheek swab from the alleged father and child. The samples are then analyzed in a laboratory.

NIPT is a DNA test for pregnant women that screens for common chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus, such as Down syndrome, through a blood sample.

NIPT is typically performed after 10 weeks of pregnancy, providing accurate results for chromosomal abnormalities.

WES is a genomic test that analyzes the protein-coding regions of an individual’s DNA. It can identify genetic variations associated with various conditions.

Oncology Genetics testing assesses the risk of hereditary cancer. It identifies genetic mutations that may increase the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer.

The cost of paternity test is 1500 AED, it  can vary based on the type of test and additional services required. Contact us for personalized pricing information.

Insurance coverage varies. Check with your provider to determine if NIPT is a covered benefit.

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