Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology – Slide for Review 6-12 Slides Test Cost

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Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is a diagnostic procedure used to investigate lumps or masses in various parts of the body. This minimally invasive technique involves using a thin, hollow needle to extract small amounts of tissue or fluid from the suspicious area. The collected sample is then spread onto slides, which are carefully examined under a microscope by a cytologist or pathologist to detect any abnormal cells or signs of disease, such as cancer.

At DNA Labs UAE, the FNAC procedure is conducted with precision and care, offering a Slide for Review service that typically involves the examination of 6-12 slides to ensure a comprehensive analysis. This thorough review process allows for a detailed evaluation of the cells extracted during the aspiration, aiding in accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment planning.

The cost of the Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology – Slide for Review (6-12 Slides) Test at DNA Labs UAE is 540 AED. This price includes the collection of the sample, preparation of the slides, and the detailed analysis by experienced cytologists. DNA Labs UAE is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to providing accurate, reliable, and timely diagnostic services, making it a trusted choice for patients and healthcare providers alike.

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ComponentsFNAC slides should be sent with proper fixation in 100% IPA/Methanol for PAP STAIN and dried slides for MGG stain
Price540.0 AED
Sample ConditionFNAC slides
Report Delivery2 days
Test typeGenetics
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Pre Test InformationFINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY- SLIDE FOR REVIEW 6-12 SLIDES can be done with a Doctors prescription. Prescription is not applicable for surgery and pregnancy cases or people planing to travel abroad.
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