Symptoms and Testing information for SYN1 Gene Epilepsy X-linked with learning disabilities and behavior disorders Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for SYN1 Gene Epilepsy X-linked with learning disabilities and behavior disorders Genetic Test

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder marked by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. One of the genetic factors contributing to certain types of epilepsy is mutations in the SYN1 gene. This gene plays a crucial role in the function of synapses in the brain, which are critical for the transmission of nerve impulses. Mutations in the SYN1 gene can lead to a specific form of epilepsy that is X-linked, meaning it predominantly affects males, though females can be carriers and may exhibit milder symptoms. This form of epilepsy is often accompanied by learning disabilities and behavioral disorders, making it a multifaceted condition that requires comprehensive understanding and management. DNA Labs UAE offers a genetic test specifically designed to identify mutations in the SYN1 gene, providing essential information for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Symptoms of SYN1 Gene Epilepsy

Individuals with SYN1 gene epilepsy may exhibit a range of symptoms, which can vary significantly in severity. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Seizures: The most defining characteristic of epilepsy, seizures can manifest in various forms, including tonic-clonic (grand mal), absence (petit mal), myoclonic, and atonic seizures.
  • Learning Disabilities: Difficulties with learning new information, understanding complex concepts, and applying knowledge in daily life are common among individuals with this condition.
  • Behavioral Disorders: Behavioral challenges such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), aggression, and autism spectrum disorders are more prevalent in individuals with SYN1 gene mutations.
  • Motor Coordination Issues: Some individuals may experience difficulties with coordination and motor skills, impacting their ability to perform everyday tasks.

Importance of Genetic Testing for SYN1 Gene Epilepsy

Genetic testing plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis and management of SYN1 gene epilepsy. By identifying the specific mutation responsible for the condition, healthcare providers can:

  • Confirm the diagnosis, distinguishing it from other types of epilepsy and neurological disorders.
  • Guide treatment decisions, including the selection of appropriate antiepileptic drugs and therapeutic interventions.
  • Provide information on the risk of inheritance, which is crucial for family planning and understanding the potential impact on future generations.

Cost of the Genetic Test

The cost of the SYN1 gene epilepsy genetic test at DNA Labs UAE is 4400 AED. This investment covers the comprehensive analysis required to detect mutations in the SYN1 gene, providing families and individuals with valuable insights into the condition and its management.


Understanding the genetic basis of epilepsy is crucial for effective diagnosis and treatment. The SYN1 gene epilepsy X-linked with learning disabilities and behavior disorders genetic test offered by DNA Labs UAE represents a significant step forward in the management of this complex condition. By providing detailed insights into the genetic mutations responsible for the disorder, this test enables personalized treatment plans that can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals affected by SYN1 gene epilepsy.

For more information on the SYN1 gene epilepsy genetic test and to schedule your testing, please visit DNA Labs UAE.

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