Symptoms and Testing information for SCNN1B Gene Liddle Syndrome Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for SCNN1B Gene Liddle Syndrome Genetic Test

In the realm of genetic diagnostics and personalized medicine, understanding the intricacies of specific genetic conditions is paramount for effective treatment and management. One such condition that has garnered attention within the medical community is Liddle Syndrome, a rare autosomal dominant disorder affecting the body’s blood pressure regulation. Central to this condition is the SCNN1B gene, mutations of which can lead to the syndrome’s manifestation. DNA Labs UAE stands at the forefront of genetic testing, offering a comprehensive SCNN1B Gene Liddle Syndrome Genetic Test, designed to detect these critical mutations. This article delves into the symptoms associated with Liddle Syndrome, the significance of the genetic test, and its cost implications.

Symptoms of Liddle Syndrome

Liddle Syndrome is characterized by early-onset hypertension, which can manifest in childhood or early adulthood. Unlike typical cases of high blood pressure, Liddle Syndrome is not primarily caused by lifestyle or dietary factors but is a direct result of genetic mutations. The symptoms associated with this syndrome can be subtle or severe, depending on the individual, and include:

  • Severe hypertension resistant to conventional blood pressure medications
  • Low levels of potassium in the blood (hypokalemia), leading to muscle weakness, cramps, and fatigue
  • Metabolic alkalosis, a condition where the blood becomes too alkaline
  • Early onset of symptoms, often in childhood or early adulthood, which is unusual for hypertension

Given the severity and potential complications of untreated Liddle Syndrome, such as cardiovascular disease and stroke, early detection and management are crucial.

Importance of the SCNN1B Gene Liddle Syndrome Genetic Test

The SCNN1B Gene Liddle Syndrome Genetic Test offered by DNA Labs UAE is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that screens for mutations in the SCNN1B gene. These mutations disrupt the normal function of the sodium channels in the kidney, leading to an increase in sodium reabsorption and potassium excretion, which in turn causes hypertension and hypokalemia. The test is particularly important for individuals with a family history of Liddle Syndrome or those exhibiting symptoms associated with the condition. Early identification of the genetic mutation allows for tailored treatment strategies, which may include specific medications that target the underlying genetic abnormality, dietary modifications, and lifestyle changes.

Test Cost

The cost of the SCNN1B Gene Liddle Syndrome Genetic Test at DNA Labs UAE is set at 4400 AED. While the price may seem significant, it is important to consider the comprehensive nature of this genetic test and its potential to significantly alter the course of treatment and management for affected individuals. Early detection facilitated by this test can prevent the development of severe complications associated with Liddle Syndrome, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and quality of life.


Liddle Syndrome, while rare, poses significant health risks due to its impact on blood pressure regulation. The SCNN1B Gene Liddle Syndrome Genetic Test is a vital tool in the early detection and management of this condition. DNA Labs UAE is committed to providing this essential service, supporting individuals in understanding their genetic health, and offering pathways to better management of conditions like Liddle Syndrome. For more information on the test and to schedule a consultation, visit DNA Labs UAE.

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