Symptoms and Testing information for Prenatal Diagnostic Screening by Karyotyping Test

Symptoms and Testing information for Prenatal Diagnostic Screening by Karyotyping Test

Prenatal diagnostic screening is a crucial step in assessing the health and development of a fetus. Among the various methods available, karyotyping tests have emerged as a vital tool for detecting chromosomal abnormalities that could lead to genetic disorders. DNA Labs UAE, a leading genetic laboratory, offers comprehensive prenatal diagnostic screening through karyotyping tests to expectant parents. This article delves into the symptoms that might necessitate a karyotyping test, the procedure involved, and its cost at DNA Labs UAE.

Symptoms Necessitating a Karyotyping Test

Prenatal diagnostic screening, specifically through karyotyping, is recommended under several circumstances. The need for such a test might arise from initial screenings or certain symptoms observed in either parent or due to familial genetic history. Some of the key indicators include:

  • Abnormal results from initial prenatal screening tests
  • A family history of genetic disorders
  • Parents who are carriers of chromosomal abnormalities
  • Advanced maternal age (35 years or older)
  • Previous pregnancies affected by chromosomal abnormalities

These symptoms and risk factors highlight the importance of a karyotyping test in prenatal diagnostic screening. It aids in identifying any chromosomal anomalies that could affect the fetus’s development and lead to conditions such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, or Patau syndrome, among others.

Understanding the Karyotyping Test

The karyotyping test is a comprehensive analysis of the fetus’s chromosomes. It involves collecting samples through amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS), where fetal cells are obtained and cultured. These cells are then stained to visualize the chromosomes under a microscope, allowing experts to identify any structural or numerical abnormalities. This detailed examination helps in diagnosing various genetic disorders early in the pregnancy, enabling informed decisions about the pregnancy.

Cost of Karyotyping Test at DNA Labs UAE

Understanding the financial aspect of prenatal screening is crucial for expectant parents. At DNA Labs UAE, the cost of a prenatal diagnostic screening by karyotyping test is set at 2400 AED. This price includes the comprehensive analysis and detailed reporting by the lab’s expert geneticists. For more information and to schedule a test, visit DNA Labs UAE.


Prenatal diagnostic screening plays a pivotal role in ensuring the health and well-being of the fetus. The karyotyping test, offered by DNA Labs UAE, is an essential tool in detecting chromosomal abnormalities that could lead to genetic disorders. By understanding the symptoms that necessitate this test and the procedure involved, expectant parents can make informed decisions about their pregnancy. With the test cost at 2400 AED, DNA Labs UAE provides an accessible option for those seeking peace of mind through comprehensive prenatal screening.

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