Symptoms and Testing information for Pre-implantation Genetic Screening PGS per Embryo Test

Symptoms and Testing information for Pre-implantation Genetic Screening PGS per Embryo Test

In the realm of reproductive medicine, Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) stands out as a revolutionary advancement, offering couples the hope of a healthy offspring by detecting genetic anomalies at the very earliest stage of life. At DNA Labs UAE, we are at the forefront of providing this cutting-edge technology to our clients, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. The PGS per Embryo Test, a cornerstone of our services, is designed to screen embryos for chromosomal abnormalities before implantation, thus increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child.

Symptoms Necessitating the Consideration of PGS

It’s important to note that Pre-implantation Genetic Screening is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it’s recommended for specific scenarios where the risk of genetic abnormalities is higher. These scenarios include couples with a history of recurrent miscarriages, individuals with a family history of genetic disorders, women of advanced maternal age (over 35), and cases where previous pregnancies have resulted in chromosomally abnormal babies. Moreover, couples who have had multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles without a clear reason may also benefit from PGS, as it can help identify embryos with the best implantation potential.

Understanding the PGS Process

The PGS per Embryo Test involves several critical steps. After the standard IVF process, a few cells are biopsied from each embryo at the blastocyst stage. These cells are then analyzed to determine the number of chromosomes, helping identify any abnormalities that could lead to conditions such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, or Patau syndrome. This screening process is vital as it allows only genetically healthy embryos to be selected for transfer, thereby significantly reducing the risk of genetic disorders and miscarriage.

Cost of PGS per Embryo Test

At DNA Labs UAE, we strive to provide our services at a cost that reflects the value and potential life-changing outcomes they offer. The PGS per Embryo Test is priced at 2400 AED, a figure that encapsulates the intricate work and cutting-edge technology involved in the screening process. While the cost may seem substantial, it’s an investment in the future health of your family, potentially saving you from the emotional and financial strain of dealing with genetic disorders down the line.

Choosing DNA Labs UAE for Your PGS Needs

Choosing the right laboratory for your PGS needs is crucial. At DNA Labs UAE, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, accuracy, and support throughout the PGS process. Our team of experts uses the latest technology to ensure that your journey towards parenthood is supported by the highest standards of genetic screening. We understand the emotional and financial investment involved in IVF and PGS, and we are dedicated to providing you with clear, comprehensive information and support every step of the way.


Pre-implantation Genetic Screening represents a beacon of hope for many couples struggling with infertility and the risk of genetic disorders. By choosing PGS, you are taking a proactive step towards ensuring the health and well-being of your future child. At DNA Labs UAE, we are committed to making this advanced technology accessible and understandable, helping you make informed decisions about your reproductive health. With the PGS per Embryo Test, you’re not just investing in a procedure; you’re investing in the future of your family.

For more information on the PGS per Embryo Test and other services we offer, visit our website or contact us directly. We are here to support you on your journey to parenthood, providing expert guidance and care every step of the way.

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