Symptoms and Testing information for PIEZO2 Gene Marden-Walker syndrome Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for PIEZO2 Gene Marden-Walker syndrome Genetic Test

Understanding the complexities of genetic conditions is essential for early diagnosis and treatment. One such rare genetic disorder is Marden-Walker Syndrome, which is primarily associated with mutations in the PIEZO2 gene. At DNA Labs UAE, we offer comprehensive genetic testing to identify the presence of PIEZO2 gene mutations, a crucial step in diagnosing Marden-Walker Syndrome. This article will delve into the symptoms of this syndrome, the importance of the PIEZO2 gene, and how our genetic test can help. The cost of the PIEZO2 Gene Marden-Walker Syndrome Genetic Test is 4400 AED.

Symptoms of Marden-Walker Syndrome

Marden-Walker Syndrome is a condition that affects multiple aspects of an individual’s health and development. The symptoms are typically present from birth and may include:

  • Distinctive facial features such as a small jaw, a high-arched palate, and eyes that appear to be widely spaced.
  • Joint abnormalities, including contractures (permanent shortening of a muscle or joint), which particularly affect the elbows, knees, and fingers.
  • Decreased muscle tone (hypotonia), which can lead to difficulties in feeding, poor growth, and delayed developmental milestones.
  • Intellectual disability or developmental delays.
  • Problems with breathing and swallowing.
  • Eye abnormalities, which might lead to vision problems.

It is important to note that the severity and combination of symptoms can vary significantly from one individual to another.

The Role of the PIEZO2 Gene

The PIEZO2 gene plays a critical role in the body’s ability to sense mechanical stimuli, including touch, proprioception (the sense of self-movement and body position), and vascular control. Mutations in the PIEZO2 gene disrupt these processes, leading to the development of Marden-Walker Syndrome. Understanding the genetic basis of the syndrome is crucial for accurate diagnosis and management.

PIEZO2 Gene Marden-Walker Syndrome Genetic Test

At DNA Labs UAE, we offer a genetic test specifically designed to detect mutations in the PIEZO2 gene. This test is an invaluable tool for families seeking answers about developmental delays and other symptoms that may suggest Marden-Walker Syndrome. The process involves collecting a DNA sample, usually through a blood draw or cheek swab, which is then analyzed in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

The cost of the PIEZO2 Gene Marden-Walker Syndrome Genetic Test is 4400 AED. While the price may seem significant, the information gained from this test can be invaluable in guiding treatment and management strategies, potentially improving the quality of life for those affected by the syndrome.

For more information on the PIEZO2 Gene Marden-Walker Syndrome Genetic Test and to schedule a test, please visit our website at


Marden-Walker Syndrome is a complex condition that requires comprehensive care and support. Early diagnosis through genetic testing can play a pivotal role in managing the syndrome effectively. At DNA Labs UAE, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable genetic testing services to help families and individuals navigate the challenges associated with genetic disorders. If you suspect that you or a loved one may have symptoms related to Marden-Walker Syndrome, we encourage you to reach out to us for support and testing options.

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