Symptoms and Testing information for Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test

Symptoms and Testing information for Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test

Understanding the Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test

In the realm of precision medicine, the identification of specific genetic mutations has become crucial for the effective treatment of various cancers. At DNA Labs UAE, we are at the forefront of providing advanced diagnostic solutions to enhance cancer care. Among our specialized tests, the Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test stands out as a comprehensive approach to understanding the genetic landscape of a patient’s tumor. This test, priced at 10500 AED, is designed to uncover the molecular underpinnings of cancer, guiding oncologists in tailoring personalized treatment strategies.

What are the Symptoms Necessitating the Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test?

Cancer is a multifaceted disease, and its progression can be influenced by various genetic mutations. The Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test is particularly beneficial for patients who exhibit symptoms or are diagnosed with conditions that suggest the presence of actionable genetic alterations. These symptoms can vary widely, depending on the type of cancer, but some general indicators may prompt consideration of this test:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Chronic pain or discomfort in a specific area
  • Changes in bowel or bladder habits
  • Persistent cough or hoarseness
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge
  • Lumps or thickening in certain parts of the body

It’s important to note that these symptoms alone do not confirm cancer. However, in conjunction with a detailed medical history and other diagnostic findings, they can signal the need for further genetic testing through the Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test.

How Does the Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test Inform Treatment Decisions?

The Oncomine Focus Panel is a targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay that examines a comprehensive set of genes known to be involved in cancer. By identifying specific mutations, amplifications, or fusions in these genes, the test provides valuable insights into the molecular drivers of an individual’s cancer. This information is critical for determining the most effective treatment options, including targeted therapies and immunotherapies.

Additionally, the PD-L1 Test measures the expression of the PD-L1 protein on the surface of tumor cells. PD-L1 is a checkpoint protein that, when expressed, can inhibit the body’s immune response against tumor cells. Knowing the PD-L1 status of a tumor can help oncologists decide whether immunotherapy, which aims to boost the body’s natural defenses against cancer, is a suitable treatment option.

The Importance of Early and Accurate Diagnosis

Early and accurate diagnosis is paramount in the fight against cancer. The Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test empowers clinicians with the detailed molecular profile of a tumor, facilitating early intervention and personalized treatment plans. This not only increases the chances of a successful outcome but also minimizes the exposure of patients to potentially ineffective treatments.

At DNA Labs UAE, we are committed to providing cutting-edge diagnostic services to support the personalized treatment of cancer. With a cost of 10500 AED, the Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test is an investment in precision medicine that can significantly impact patient care. For more information about this test and to schedule an appointment, please visit our website.


The Oncomine Focus Panel and PD-L1 Test is a powerful tool in the arsenal against cancer, offering hope for more effective and personalized treatment strategies. By identifying the genetic alterations and PD-L1 expression levels in tumors, this test plays a crucial role in guiding oncologists towards the most promising treatment avenues. At DNA Labs UAE, we are proud to contribute to the advancement of cancer care through our comprehensive diagnostic services.

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