Symptoms and Testing information for NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome Genetic Test

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder that causes the body to excrete too much protein in the urine. Among its various types, one that stands out due to its genetic nature is caused by mutations in the NPHS2 gene. This condition, often referred to as familial or steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome, necessitates a deeper understanding and a precise diagnostic approach. DNA Labs UAE offers a comprehensive genetic test for NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome, aimed at providing accurate diagnosis and facilitating targeted treatment strategies.

Understanding NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome

NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome is primarily characterized by its resistance to the standard steroid treatments that are typically effective in managing other forms of nephrotic syndrome. This resistance is due to mutations in the NPHS2 gene, which plays a crucial role in the functioning of podocytes – cells in the kidney that are essential for filtering waste from the blood. Mutations in this gene can lead to the breakdown of the filtration barrier, leading to the excessive loss of proteins in the urine, severe swelling (edema), and increased risk of infections.

Symptoms to Look Out For

The symptoms of NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome can vary from person to person but generally include:

  • Heavy proteinuria (high levels of protein in the urine)
  • Severe swelling (edema), particularly in the ankles, feet, and around the eyes
  • Weight gain due to fluid retention
  • Hypoalbuminemia (low levels of albumin in the blood)
  • Hyperlipidemia (high levels of fats or lipids in the blood)
  • In severe cases, increased risk of infections

These symptoms often manifest in early childhood, but can also develop later in life. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial in managing the condition and preventing long-term kidney damage.

Genetic Testing for NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome

Genetic testing plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis of NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome. DNA Labs UAE offers a specialized genetic test to detect mutations in the NPHS2 gene. This test is particularly beneficial for individuals who have a family history of the condition or exhibit symptoms resistant to standard treatments for nephrotic syndrome.

The test involves a simple blood sample from which DNA is extracted and analyzed for mutations in the NPHS2 gene. The results can provide a definitive diagnosis and are crucial for guiding treatment decisions. For instance, knowing the genetic basis of the syndrome can help avoid unnecessary treatments that are unlikely to be effective and focus on more suitable management strategies.

Test Cost and Procedure

The cost of the NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome genetic test at DNA Labs UAE is 4400 AED. To undergo the test, individuals can schedule an appointment through the DNA Labs UAE website or by contacting their customer service. The process is straightforward, and the results are typically available within a few weeks, providing valuable insights into the condition and how best to manage it.


NPHS2 Gene Nephrotic Syndrome is a complex condition that requires a precise and informed approach to diagnosis and treatment. Genetic testing offers a clear path to understanding the underlying cause of the syndrome, enabling targeted and effective management. DNA Labs UAE is at the forefront of providing these essential services, helping individuals and families navigate the challenges of genetic disorders with confidence and clarity.

For more information or to schedule a test, visit DNA Labs UAE.

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