Symptoms and Testing information for MT-TS2 Gene MERRFMELAS Overlap Syndrome MT-TS2 Related Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for MT-TS2 Gene MERRFMELAS Overlap Syndrome MT-TS2 Related Genetic Test

Understanding the complex nature of genetic disorders is crucial for early diagnosis and effective management. Among these, the MT-TS2 gene MERRFMELAS Overlap Syndrome stands out due to its unique combination of symptoms and inheritance patterns. This article delves into the specifics of this syndrome, the symptoms associated with it, and the genetic testing available through DNA Labs UAE, specifically the MT-TS2 Related Genetic Test priced at 4400 AED.

Symptoms of MT-TS2 Gene MERRFMELAS Overlap Syndrome

The MT-TS2 Gene MERRFMELAS Overlap Syndrome is a rare mitochondrial disorder that combines features of two distinct conditions: Myoclonic Epilepsy with Ragged Red Fibers (MERRF) and Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy, Lactic Acidosis, and Stroke-like episodes (MELAS). The overlap of these conditions creates a complex symptomatology that can vary significantly among affected individuals. However, some common symptoms include:

  • Muscle weakness and exercise intolerance
  • Myoclonic seizures, which are sudden, brief involuntary muscle jerks
  • Stroke-like episodes before the age of 40, often accompanied by migraine-like headaches
  • Progressive loss of mental faculties and motor skills
  • Hearing loss
  • Lactic acidosis, which is an excessive buildup of lactate in the body, often leading to muscle pain and rapid breathing
  • Ragged-red fibers, which are abnormal muscle fibers detectable through muscle biopsy

Due to the variability in symptoms and their severity, individuals may experience different manifestations of the syndrome, making accurate diagnosis challenging without genetic testing.

MT-TS2 Related Genetic Test at DNA Labs UAE

DNA Labs UAE offers a comprehensive genetic test for the MT-TS2 gene MERRFMELAS Overlap Syndrome. This test is designed to detect mutations in the mitochondrial DNA, specifically in the MT-TS2 gene, that are associated with the condition. The cost of the test is 4400 AED, which includes a detailed analysis and interpretation of the results by experts in the field of genetic disorders.

The testing process is straightforward and requires only a sample of the individual’s blood. Once the sample is collected, it is analyzed using advanced genetic sequencing techniques to identify any mutations in the MT-TS2 gene. The results of this test can provide invaluable information for affected individuals and their families, including:

  • Confirmation of the diagnosis
  • Information on the inheritance pattern of the disorder
  • Guidance on management and treatment options
  • Risk assessment for other family members

It is important to note that genetic testing can have significant emotional and social implications. Therefore, DNA Labs UAE also offers genetic counseling as part of the testing process to help individuals and families understand the results and make informed decisions about their health care.


The MT-TS2 gene MERRFMELAS Overlap Syndrome is a complex condition that requires a comprehensive approach for diagnosis and management. The MT-TS2 Related Genetic Test available at DNA Labs UAE provides a crucial tool for individuals and families affected by this syndrome. By identifying specific genetic mutations, the test offers insights into the condition, enabling targeted management strategies and support. With the expertise of DNA Labs UAE, affected individuals can navigate the challenges of this syndrome with informed confidence.

For more information and to schedule a test, visit DNA Labs UAE.

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