Symptoms and Testing information for KIF7 Gene Acrocallosal syndrome Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for KIF7 Gene Acrocallosal syndrome Genetic Test

Acrocallosal Syndrome (ACS) is a rare genetic disorder that presents with a range of physical and cognitive symptoms due to abnormalities in the KIF7 gene. Understanding this condition, its symptoms, and the genetic testing available is crucial for families and individuals who may be affected. DNA Labs UAE is at the forefront of providing comprehensive genetic testing services, including the KIF7 Gene Acrocallosal Syndrome Genetic Test. This test is specifically designed to detect mutations in the KIF7 gene, offering a definitive diagnosis for those suspected of having ACS.

Understanding Acrocallosal Syndrome

Acrocallosal Syndrome is characterized by a range of physical and neurological abnormalities. The condition is primarily known for causing malformations of the limbs, skull, and brain. Individuals with ACS may exhibit polydactyly (extra fingers or toes), syndactyly (fusion of fingers or toes), and macrocephaly (abnormally large head size). Neurologically, ACS can lead to agenesis of the corpus callosum, which is the absence or incomplete development of the structure that connects the two hemispheres of the brain, affecting cognitive and motor functions.

Symptoms of Acrocallosal Syndrome

The symptoms of ACS can vary significantly from one individual to another but generally include:

  • Abnormal craniofacial features, such as a prominent forehead and hypertelorism (wide-set eyes)
  • Neurological issues, including intellectual disability and developmental delays
  • Malformations of the limbs, including polydactyly and syndactyly
  • Macrocephaly and potentially hydrocephalus (accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the brain)
  • Agenesis or hypoplasia of the corpus callosum

Early diagnosis and intervention are crucial in managing the symptoms of ACS and improving the quality of life for affected individuals.

The KIF7 Gene Acrocallosal Syndrome Genetic Test

DNA Labs UAE offers the KIF7 Gene Acrocallosal Syndrome Genetic Test, a specialized diagnostic tool aimed at detecting mutations in the KIF7 gene associated with ACS. This test is essential for confirming the diagnosis, enabling targeted management strategies, and providing information for genetic counseling. The test cost is 3200 AED, reflecting the comprehensive analysis and detailed report provided.

Why Choose DNA Labs UAE for Genetic Testing?

DNA Labs UAE is a leader in genetic diagnostics, offering a wide range of tests for various genetic conditions. Choosing DNA Labs UAE for the KIF7 Gene Acrocallosal Syndrome Genetic Test offers several advantages:

  • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities and cutting-edge genetic testing technologies
  • Highly qualified and experienced geneticists and laboratory technicians
  • Comprehensive pre- and post-test counseling to help understand the implications of the test results
  • Confidential handling of all genetic information and test results
  • Competitive pricing for advanced genetic testing services

For more information about the KIF7 Gene Acrocallosal Syndrome Genetic Test and to schedule a consultation, visit DNA Labs UAE.


Acrocallosal Syndrome is a complex genetic condition that requires comprehensive diagnostic approaches for accurate diagnosis and management. The KIF7 Gene Acrocallosal Syndrome Genetic Test provided by DNA Labs UAE is a crucial tool in understanding this condition, offering hope and direction for affected families. With a cost of 3200 AED, this test is a valuable investment in the health and well-being of individuals suspected of having ACS, providing them with the necessary information to manage the condition effectively.

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