Symptoms and Testing information for Haemophilia A and B Gene Panel Test

Symptoms and Testing information for Haemophilia A and B Gene Panel Test

Symptoms of Haemophilia A and B Gene Panel Test

Haemophilia, a rare genetic disorder, affects the body’s ability to clot blood, leading to prolonged bleeding after injury or surgery. It predominantly occurs in males and is categorized mainly into two types: Haemophilia A (factor VIII deficiency) and Haemophilia B (factor IX deficiency), each stemming from mutations in their respective genes. Recognizing the symptoms early can significantly improve management and quality of life. DNA Labs UAE offers a comprehensive Haemophilia A and B Gene Panel Test for accurate diagnosis, priced at 7200 AED.

Early Symptoms

Early detection is crucial for managing Haemophilia A and B. Initial symptoms can be subtle and often overlooked. They include:

  • Excessive bruising from minor bumps or injuries
  • Prolonged bleeding from small cuts or after dental work
  • Nosebleeds without a known cause
  • Blood in urine or stool

These symptoms typically manifest in early childhood and can vary in severity, depending on the level of clotting factor activity in the blood.

Severe Symptoms

As individuals with haemophilia age, especially without proper diagnosis and treatment, they may experience more severe symptoms, such as:

  • Joint pain and swelling due to internal bleeding
  • Bleeding into muscles, leading to swelling, pain, and stiffness
  • Spontaneous bleeding without any apparent cause
  • Bleeding in the brain, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition

These severe symptoms underscore the importance of early and accurate diagnosis through genetic testing.

Importance of the Haemophilia A and B Gene Panel Test

The Haemophilia A and B Gene Panel Test offered by DNA Labs UAE is an essential tool for diagnosing this condition. It examines the specific mutations in the genes responsible for haemophilia, providing a conclusive diagnosis. This information is crucial for:

  • Understanding the specific type of haemophilia (A or B)
  • Assessing the severity of the condition
  • Guiding treatment decisions, including prophylaxis and management strategies
  • Informing family planning decisions

With a cost of 7200 AED, this test is a valuable investment in the health and well-being of individuals suspected of having haemophilia. It offers peace of mind through accurate diagnosis and the potential for improved outcomes through tailored treatment plans.


Recognizing the symptoms of Haemophilia A and B is the first step towards diagnosis and management. The Haemophilia A and B Gene Panel Test from DNA Labs UAE plays a critical role in this process, offering a detailed analysis of the genetic mutations responsible for the condition. By identifying the specific type and severity of haemophilia, affected individuals can receive the appropriate care and treatment they need to lead healthy, active lives.

For more information or to schedule a test, visit DNA Labs UAE.

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