Symptoms and Testing information for GPR143 Gene Albinism Ocular Type I Nettleship-Falls Type Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for GPR143 Gene Albinism Ocular Type I Nettleship-Falls Type Genetic Test

Albinism is a group of genetic conditions characterized by a reduction or complete lack of melanin pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes. Among the various types of albinism, Ocular Albinism Type I, also known as Nettleship-Falls Type, is a condition that primarily affects the eyes. This condition is linked to mutations in the GPR143 gene. Understanding the symptoms of this genetic condition is crucial for early diagnosis and management. DNA Labs UAE offers a comprehensive GPR143 Gene Albinism Ocular Type I Nettleship-Falls Type Genetic Test at a cost of 4400 AED, which can help in the accurate diagnosis of this condition.

Symptoms of GPR143 Gene Albinism Ocular Type I (Nettleship-Falls Type)

The symptoms associated with GPR143 Gene Albinism Ocular Type I, or Nettleship-Falls Type, are primarily related to the eyes. These symptoms can vary widely among individuals but typically include the following:

  • Nystagmus: This is a condition characterized by involuntary, rapid, and repetitive movement of the eyes. Nystagmus can affect one or both eyes and often leads to reduced vision or depth perception.
  • Strabismus: Commonly known as crossed eyes, strabismus involves a misalignment of the eyes. An individual with this condition may have one eye that looks directly at the object they are viewing, while the other eye is misaligned inward, outward, upward, or downward.
  • Photophobia: This is a condition where individuals experience discomfort or pain in the eyes when exposed to light. People with ocular albinism often have a higher sensitivity to bright lights and glare.
  • Reduced Visual Acuity: Individuals with this form of albinism typically have reduced visual acuity ranging from mild to severe. This can affect their ability to perform tasks that require sharp vision.
  • Foveal Hypoplasia: The fovea is a small depression in the retina where visual acuity is highest. Foveal hypoplasia is a condition where the fovea does not develop properly, leading to reduced sharpness of vision.
  • Optic Nerve Misrouting: In individuals with ocular albinism, the optic nerves may not route correctly from the eyes to the brain. This misrouting can contribute to vision problems and abnormal visual processing.

It is important to note that while these symptoms primarily affect the eyes, individuals with Nettleship-Falls Type Ocular Albinism do not typically have the skin and hair color changes often associated with other types of albinism. Their skin and hair pigmentation can range from normal to slightly lighter than that of other family members.

Importance of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing for GPR143 Gene Albinism Ocular Type I (Nettleship-Falls Type) is crucial for accurate diagnosis and management of the condition. The test offered by DNA Labs UAE for 4400 AED provides a comprehensive analysis of the GPR143 gene to identify mutations associated with this form of albinism. Early diagnosis through genetic testing can help in managing the symptoms effectively, providing support and resources for individuals and families, and guiding decisions regarding education and career planning.


Understanding the symptoms of GPR143 Gene Albinism Ocular Type I (Nettleship-Falls Type) is essential for early diagnosis and intervention. With the genetic test provided by DNA Labs UAE, individuals and families can gain valuable insights into this condition, enabling better management and support. If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms associated with ocular albinism, consider undergoing genetic testing to clarify the diagnosis and receive appropriate guidance.

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