Symptoms and Testing information for GARS1 Gene CMT2D Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for GARS1 Gene CMT2D Genetic Test

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2D (CMT2D) is a genetic disorder that affects the peripheral nerves. It is one of the many subtypes of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which is the most common inherited disorder of the peripheral nervous system. CMT2D is specifically linked to mutations in the GARS1 gene, which plays a crucial role in the development and function of the peripheral nerves. Recognizing the symptoms of CMT2D and undergoing genetic testing, such as the GARS1 Gene CMT2D Genetic Test offered by DNA Labs UAE for 4400 AED, is essential for proper diagnosis and management of the condition.

Symptoms of GARS1 Gene CMT2D

The symptoms of CMT2D can vary significantly among individuals but generally involve muscle weakness and sensory loss in the limbs. The onset of symptoms can occur at any age, from early childhood to adulthood, but most commonly begins in adolescence or early adulthood. Key symptoms include:

  • Muscle weakness in the hands and feet, which may lead to difficulty with fine motor skills and walking
  • Muscle wasting, particularly in the lower legs, leading to an inverted champagne bottle appearance
  • Sensory loss in the feet and hands, affecting the ability to feel pain, temperature, and touch
  • Decreased reflexes, especially in the ankles
  • Foot deformities such as high arches and hammertoes
  • Difficulty with balance and coordination

As CMT2D progresses, symptoms may worsen, leading to increased disability. Early diagnosis through genetic testing can provide individuals and families with valuable information for managing the condition.

GARS1 Gene CMT2D Genetic Test at DNA Labs UAE

DNA Labs UAE offers a comprehensive GARS1 Gene CMT2D Genetic Test for individuals who exhibit symptoms of CMT2D or have a family history of the condition. The test is priced at 4400 AED and is designed to detect mutations in the GARS1 gene that are associated with the development of CMT2D. By identifying the specific genetic mutation, healthcare providers can offer a more accurate prognosis, tailored management strategies, and genetic counseling for affected individuals and their families.

The testing process is straightforward and involves collecting a small sample of blood or saliva from the individual. The sample is then analyzed in the laboratory using advanced genetic sequencing technologies to identify any mutations in the GARS1 gene. The results of the test are usually available within a few weeks and are provided in a detailed report that explains the findings and their implications for the individual’s health and management of CMT2D.

Why Choose DNA Labs UAE for Your Genetic Testing Needs?

Choosing DNA Labs UAE for your genetic testing needs ensures that you receive high-quality, accurate, and reliable results. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experienced geneticists and healthcare professionals who are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the testing process. Furthermore, DNA Labs UAE offers confidential counseling services to help individuals and families understand their test results and the implications for their health and future.

For more information about the GARS1 Gene CMT2D Genetic Test and other services offered by DNA Labs UAE, or to schedule a test, please visit

In conclusion, recognizing the symptoms of CMT2D and undergoing genetic testing are crucial steps in managing this condition. The GARS1 Gene CMT2D Genetic Test offered by DNA Labs UAE provides a valuable resource for individuals and families affected by CMT2D, offering them the opportunity for early diagnosis, informed decision-making, and personalized management of the condition.

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