Symptoms and Testing information for Criggler Najjar Syndrome Test

Symptoms and Testing information for Criggler Najjar Syndrome Test

Criggler Najjar Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects the metabolism of bilirubin, a yellow pigment formed by the breakdown of red blood cells. This condition can lead to a buildup of bilirubin in the body, causing jaundice and, in severe cases, neurological damage. Understanding the symptoms of Criggler Najjar Syndrome is crucial for early diagnosis and treatment. DNA Labs UAE offers comprehensive testing for this condition, providing a vital service for affected families.

Symptoms of Criggler Najjar Syndrome

Criggler Najjar Syndrome manifests in two types – Type 1 and Type 2, each with its own set of symptoms. However, the primary indicator of both types is prolonged jaundice in newborns, which does not improve over time as it does in most other cases of neonatal jaundice.

  • Persistent Jaundice: The most obvious symptom, characterized by a yellowing of the skin and eyes.
  • Neurological Symptoms: In severe cases, particularly in Type 1, high levels of unconjugated bilirubin can lead to neurological damage, known as kernicterus. This can result in hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, and in some cases, seizures.
  • Poor Feeding: Infants with this condition may experience difficulty feeding or show a lack of interest in feeding.
  • Lethargy: Affected infants may display a noticeable lack of energy or sleepiness.

It is crucial for parents to observe their infants for these symptoms, as early detection can lead to more effective management of the condition.

Testing for Criggler Najjar Syndrome at DNA Labs UAE

DNA Labs UAE offers a specialized test for diagnosing Criggler Najjar Syndrome. This test is essential for confirming the diagnosis and distinguishing between Type 1 and Type 2 of the syndrome, which is critical for determining the appropriate course of treatment. The test analyzes specific genetic mutations associated with the condition, providing accurate and reliable results.

The cost of the Criggler Najjar Syndrome test at DNA Labs UAE is 5400 AED. While the cost may seem high, it is a valuable investment in your child’s health, providing crucial information for managing the condition effectively. Early diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve the quality of life for those affected by Criggler Najjar Syndrome.

For more information on the Criggler Najjar Syndrome test and to schedule a testing appointment, please visit DNA Labs UAE.


Criggler Najjar Syndrome is a serious condition that requires early detection and management. Recognizing the symptoms early on can lead to timely testing and diagnosis, which is crucial for preventing complications associated with the syndrome. DNA Labs UAE is at the forefront of providing comprehensive genetic testing services, including the Criggler Najjar Syndrome test, to help families navigate this challenging condition. With the right information and support, affected individuals can lead healthier lives.

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