Symptoms and Testing information for CR1 Gene CR1 Deficiency Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for CR1 Gene CR1 Deficiency Genetic Test

Understanding CR1 Gene and CR1 Deficiency

The CR1 gene, also known as the Complement Receptor 1 gene, plays a crucial role in the immune system’s response to pathogens. It is involved in the regulation of the complement system, which is a part of the immune system that enhances the ability of antibodies and phagocytic cells to clear microbes and damaged cells from an organism, promote inflammation, and attack the pathogen’s cell membrane. A deficiency in the CR1 gene can lead to a range of health issues, highlighting the importance of genetic testing for those suspected of having this condition.

Symptoms of CR1 Gene Deficiency

CR1 gene deficiency can manifest in various ways, depending on the individual and the severity of the deficiency. Some common symptoms include:

  • Increased susceptibility to infections: Individuals with CR1 deficiency may find themselves more prone to bacterial and viral infections due to the impaired immune response.
  • Autoimmune disorders: The dysregulation of the immune system can lead to autoimmune conditions where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues.
  • Chronic inflammation: Since the CR1 gene plays a role in controlling inflammation, its deficiency can result in prolonged inflammatory responses, which can damage tissues and organs.
  • Glomerulonephritis: This condition, characterized by inflammation of the glomeruli in the kidney, can occur due to the immune system’s overactivity associated with CR1 deficiency.

CR1 Gene CR1 Deficiency Genetic Test

To diagnose CR1 deficiency, a genetic test is conducted to identify mutations in the CR1 gene. This test is crucial for individuals who exhibit symptoms associated with CR1 deficiency or have a family history of related immune system disorders. Early detection through genetic testing can lead to better management of the condition and improved quality of life.

The CR1 Gene CR1 Deficiency Genetic Test offered by DNA Labs UAE is a comprehensive test that screens for mutations in the CR1 gene. The test is performed with a simple blood sample, making it a convenient option for those seeking answers about their genetic health. The cost of the test is 4400 AED, an investment in understanding and managing potential health risks associated with CR1 deficiency.


CR1 gene deficiency is a condition that can significantly impact an individual’s health and quality of life. Recognizing the symptoms and undergoing genetic testing are crucial steps in managing the condition effectively. DNA Labs UAE provides a reliable and convenient option for those seeking to understand their genetic health, with the CR1 Gene CR1 Deficiency Genetic Test. By identifying mutations in the CR1 gene, individuals can take informed steps towards managing their health, with the guidance of healthcare professionals.

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