Symptoms and Testing information for CNGA3 Gene Achromatopsia Type 2 Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for CNGA3 Gene Achromatopsia Type 2 Genetic Test

Achromatopsia is a rare, inherited eye condition that severely limits a person’s ability to see color, perceive fine detail, and tolerate bright light. Among the genetic variants that cause achromatopsia, mutations in the CNGA3 gene are responsible for what is known as Achromatopsia Type 2. Understanding the symptoms of this condition is crucial for early diagnosis and management. Furthermore, the availability of genetic testing, such as the one offered by DNA Labs UAE for Achromatopsia Type 2, is essential for confirming the diagnosis and facilitating appropriate counseling and support for affected individuals and their families.

Symptoms of CNGA3 Gene Achromatopsia Type 2

Achromatopsia Type 2 caused by mutations in the CNGA3 gene manifests through a variety of symptoms, which are usually noticeable from a very young age. These include:

  • Color Vision Deficiency: Individuals with this condition have a significantly reduced ability to see colors or may not be able to perceive colors at all.
  • Light Sensitivity (Photophobia): Excessive sensitivity to light is a common symptom, making it uncomfortable or even painful to be in bright environments.
  • Reduced Visual Acuity: Affected individuals often experience a marked decrease in sharpness and clarity of vision, which cannot be fully corrected with glasses or contact lenses.
  • Nystagmus: Involuntary, rapid eye movements that can further impair vision.

These symptoms can significantly impact the quality of life, affecting daily activities and limiting independence. Early diagnosis and support can help manage these challenges effectively.

Genetic Testing for CNGA3 Gene Achromatopsia Type 2

Genetic testing plays a pivotal role in diagnosing Achromatopsia Type 2. DNA Labs UAE offers a comprehensive CNGA3 Gene Achromatopsia Type 2 Genetic Test, designed to detect mutations in the CNGA3 gene. This test is critical for confirming the diagnosis, understanding the inheritance pattern, and making informed decisions about family planning.

The process involves collecting a DNA sample, usually through a simple and non-invasive saliva or blood sample. The sample is then analyzed in the lab, where technicians look for specific mutations in the CNGA3 gene that are known to cause Achromatopsia Type 2.

Test Cost

The cost of the CNGA3 Gene Achromatopsia Type 2 Genetic Test at DNA Labs UAE is 3600 AED. While the cost may seem significant, it’s important to consider the value of the information that the test provides. Not only can it confirm the diagnosis, but it also offers crucial insights for managing the condition and planning for the future.


Achromatopsia Type 2 is a challenging condition, but early diagnosis and genetic testing can significantly improve the management and quality of life for those affected. DNA Labs UAE’s genetic test for the CNGA3 gene mutation provides a valuable tool for families seeking answers. By understanding the symptoms and opting for genetic testing, individuals can take an important step towards better managing the condition and its impact on their lives.

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