Symptoms and Testing information for Clinical Exome Sequencing for Couple Test

Symptoms and Testing information for Clinical Exome Sequencing for Couple Test

In the realm of genetic testing, Clinical Exome Sequencing (CES) stands out as a comprehensive approach that examines the coding regions of genes in the human genome, which are most likely to be associated with genetic disorders. For couples planning to start a family, undergoing CES can be a pivotal step in understanding their genetic health, potential risks of inherited conditions, and the implications for their future children. DNA Labs UAE offers a thorough CES for couples, aiming to provide crucial insights into their genetic makeup.

Understanding Clinical Exome Sequencing for Couples

Exome sequencing is a targeted DNA sequencing technique that focuses on the exons or the coding regions of the genome, which represent less than 2% of the genome but contain about 85% of known genetic mutations linked to diseases. This test is particularly valuable for couples who want to assess their risk of passing genetic disorders onto their offspring. By analyzing the exons, scientists can identify variations in the genetic code that may lead to health issues, providing a powerful tool for early diagnosis and preventive strategies.

Why Consider Clinical Exome Sequencing?

Couples may opt for CES for various reasons, including a history of genetic disorders in the family, previous pregnancies affected by genetic conditions, or simply for peace of mind. Understanding one’s genetic predisposition can help in making informed decisions about family planning, potential interventions, and lifestyle adjustments to mitigate health risks.

Symptoms Indicating the Need for Clinical Exome Sequencing

While CES can be beneficial for all couples, certain symptoms and conditions might particularly warrant this test, including:

  • Unexplained infertility or multiple miscarriages, which might suggest a genetic component affecting fertility or embryo development.
  • A family history of hereditary diseases, indicating a higher risk of passing these conditions to children.
  • Previous children with birth defects, developmental delays, or genetic disorders, suggesting a potential genetic cause.
  • Known carrier status of genetic mutations, which could impact offspring if both partners are carriers of mutations in the same gene.

What to Expect from the Test

The process of Clinical Exome Sequencing for couples is straightforward and non-invasive. It involves collecting a blood sample from each partner, which is then analyzed in the laboratory. The focus is on identifying mutations that are known to be associated with genetic disorders. Following the analysis, a genetic counselor will discuss the results with the couple, explaining any detected mutations and their potential implications for their future children’s health.

Cost of Clinical Exome Sequencing for Couples

At DNA Labs UAE, the cost of Clinical Exome Sequencing for couples is set at 7500 AED. This comprehensive test offers invaluable insights into the couple’s genetic health, providing them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their family’s future. The test is an investment in the health and well-being of not just the couple but also their potential offspring.


Understanding one’s genetic makeup is becoming an increasingly important aspect of healthcare, particularly for couples planning to start a family. Clinical Exome Sequencing offers a deep dive into the genetic information that could impact one’s offspring, providing crucial data for making informed decisions. DNA Labs UAE is committed to offering this advanced genetic testing service, supporting couples in their journey towards parenthood with comprehensive, accurate, and actionable genetic insights.

For more information on Clinical Exome Sequencing for couples and to schedule a test, please visit DNA Labs UAE.

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