Symptoms and Testing information for Ataxia Panel NGS Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for Ataxia Panel NGS Genetic Test

Ataxia is a neurological disorder that affects coordination, balance, and speech. It can result from genetic mutations, and understanding its genetic basis is crucial for diagnosis, management, and treatment. DNA Labs UAE offers a comprehensive Ataxia Panel NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) Genetic Test, designed to identify the genetic mutations associated with various types of ataxia. This test is a vital tool for individuals experiencing symptoms of ataxia and their families.

Symptoms of Ataxia

Ataxia can manifest through a variety of symptoms, which may vary depending on the type of ataxia and the individual. Common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty with coordination and balance, leading to frequent stumbling or difficulty walking.
  • Changes in speech, such as slurred or slow speech, which is often referred to as dysarthria.
  • Fine motor skill challenges, making tasks like writing or buttoning a shirt difficult.
  • Visual disturbances, including blurred vision or difficulty following moving objects.
  • Difficulty swallowing, which can lead to choking or coughing during meals.
  • Nystagmus, which involves involuntary eye movements.
  • Muscle weakness in the limbs.

Importance of the Ataxia Panel NGS Genetic Test

The Ataxia Panel NGS Genetic Test offered by DNA Labs UAE is an essential tool for individuals experiencing the above symptoms. This test can identify the specific genetic mutations responsible for ataxia, allowing for a precise diagnosis. With an accurate diagnosis, healthcare providers can tailor treatment and management plans to the individual’s needs, potentially improving their quality of life. Additionally, understanding the genetic basis of ataxia can provide valuable information for family planning.

What to Expect from the Test

The Ataxia Panel NGS Genetic Test involves collecting a DNA sample, typically through a blood draw or a saliva sample. The sample is then analyzed using next-generation sequencing technology to identify mutations in genes known to be associated with ataxia. The process is comprehensive and designed to be as accurate as possible, ensuring that individuals receive the most relevant information regarding their condition.

Test Cost

The cost of the Ataxia Panel NGS Genetic Test at DNA Labs UAE is 4400 AED. This price reflects the comprehensive nature of the test, including the advanced technology used and the expertise required to analyze the results accurately. While the cost may seem significant, the value of the information gained from the test cannot be overstated for those affected by ataxia.


Ataxia can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life, making tasks that many take for granted challenging. The Ataxia Panel NGS Genetic Test available at DNA Labs UAE provides a crucial resource for individuals and families affected by ataxia. By identifying the genetic mutations responsible for the condition, the test enables precise diagnoses, informed treatment plans, and better overall management of the disorder. For more information and to schedule a test, visit

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