Symptoms and Testing information for AFF2 Gene Mental Retardation X-Linked Associated With Fragile Site FRAXE Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for AFF2 Gene Mental Retardation X-Linked Associated With Fragile Site FRAXE Genetic Test

Understanding the intricacies of genetic conditions is crucial in the realm of medical science, especially when it comes to mental retardation and its various causes. One such condition, linked to the AFF2 gene and associated with the fragile site FRAXE, is a significant focus for researchers and healthcare providers alike. At DNA Labs UAE, we are at the forefront of diagnosing and understanding this condition through our specialized genetic test.

Symptoms of AFF2 Gene Mental Retardation X-Linked Associated With Fragile Site FRAXE

The AFF2 gene plays a critical role in the normal development of the brain. Mutations or alterations in this gene can lead to a range of developmental issues, commonly referred to as FRAXE mental retardation. The symptoms of this condition can vary widely among affected individuals but generally include:

  • Cognitive impairment ranging from mild to severe
  • Learning disabilities, particularly in language and speech development
  • Behavioral challenges, including attention deficits and hyperactivity
  • Autistic behaviors, such as difficulties with social interactions and repetitive behaviors
  • Physical features may include subtle differences, such as large ears or a long face, though these are less commonly reported

It is important to note that the severity and combination of these symptoms can vary, making early diagnosis and intervention critical for improving outcomes.

Understanding the FRAXE Genetic Test

At DNA Labs UAE, we utilize advanced genetic testing techniques to identify alterations in the AFF2 gene associated with the FRAXE fragile site. This test is crucial for families seeking answers to developmental delays and cognitive challenges in their loved ones. By pinpointing the genetic basis of these symptoms, our test provides essential information for managing and supporting affected individuals.

The process involves collecting a DNA sample, typically through a blood draw or cheek swab, which is then analyzed in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Our expert team looks for specific markers that indicate the presence of the FRAXE mutation, offering a definitive diagnosis that can guide further action.

Cost of the FRAXE Genetic Test

Understanding the financial aspect of genetic testing is important for many families. At DNA Labs UAE, we strive to provide our services at a cost that balances advanced technological processes with accessibility. The cost of the FRAXE genetic test is 4400 AED. While this investment may seem significant, the value it provides in terms of clarity, direction for treatment, and peace of mind is immeasurable.


Identifying the cause of mental retardation and developmental delays is a complex process that requires advanced genetic testing. The AFF2 gene test for FRAXE-associated mental retardation at DNA Labs UAE offers families a clear path forward in understanding and supporting their loved ones. If you suspect that someone in your family may be affected by this condition, we encourage you to learn more about this vital test and consider it as a step towards better management and care.

For more information on the AFF2 gene mental retardation X-linked associated with fragile site FRAXE genetic test, please visit our website at DNA Labs UAE.

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