Symptoms and Testing information for ADAMTSL4 Gene Ectopia lentis isolated autosomal recessive Genetic Test

Symptoms and Testing information for ADAMTSL4 Gene Ectopia lentis isolated autosomal recessive Genetic Test

Ectopia lentis refers to the displacement or malposition of the eye’s lens, a condition that can occur due to various reasons, including genetic factors. One such genetic cause is mutations in the ADAMTSL4 gene, leading to an autosomal recessive form of isolated ectopia lentis. Understanding this condition, its symptoms, and the significance of genetic testing can provide crucial insights for affected individuals and their families. DNA Labs UAE offers a comprehensive genetic test for this condition, aiming to aid in diagnosis and management.

Understanding Ectopia Lentis

Ectopia lentis is a condition characterized by the displacement of the lens in the eye. This can lead to visual disturbances such as blurred vision, myopia, and even acute visual impairment depending on the degree and direction of lens displacement. The lens may be displaced upwards, downwards, or in any other direction, and the extent of displacement can vary.

ADAMTSL4 Gene and Its Role

The ADAMTSL4 gene is crucial for the development and maintenance of the eye’s lens. Mutations in this gene can disrupt the normal positioning of the lens, leading to ectopia lentis. The condition associated with mutations in the ADAMTSL4 gene is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, meaning that an individual must inherit two copies of the mutated gene (one from each parent) to be affected by the condition.

Symptoms of ADAMTSL4-Related Ectopia Lentis

The primary symptom of ectopia lentis related to ADAMTSL4 gene mutations is the displacement of the lens, which can lead to a range of visual disturbances. These include:

  • Blurred vision or distorted vision
  • Decreased visual acuity
  • Myopia (nearsightedness) or, less commonly, hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Irregular astigmatism due to the lens’ abnormal position
  • Quivering of the iris (iridodonesis) or lens (phacodonesis) with eye movement
  • Increased risk of lens dislocation, which can lead to acute glaucoma or retinal detachment if not promptly treated

Importance of Genetic Testing for ADAMTSL4-Related Ectopia Lentis

Genetic testing for mutations in the ADAMTSL4 gene can provide a definitive diagnosis of this form of ectopia lentis. This is particularly important for families with a history of the condition, as it allows for accurate genetic counseling and informs decisions about family planning. Additionally, early diagnosis through genetic testing can facilitate timely management and intervention, potentially preserving vision and preventing complications.

ADAMTSL4 Gene Ectopia Lentis Isolated Autosomal Recessive Genetic Test at DNA Labs UAE

DNA Labs UAE offers a genetic test specifically designed to detect mutations in the ADAMTSL4 gene associated with isolated autosomal recessive ectopia lentis. The test is priced at 4400 AED, reflecting the comprehensive analysis and personalized care provided. For more information or to schedule a test, interested individuals can visit DNA Labs UAE.


ADAMTSL4 gene-related ectopia lentis is a condition that can significantly impact visual function but can be managed effectively with early diagnosis and appropriate care. Genetic testing plays a crucial role in diagnosing this condition, guiding management, and supporting affected families. DNA Labs UAE is committed to providing accurate and comprehensive genetic testing services, including the ADAMTSL4 gene ectopia lentis isolated autosomal recessive genetic test, to help individuals and families navigate the challenges of genetic conditions.

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