NonInvasive Prenatal Pregnancy Paternity DNA Test
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NonInvasive Prenatal Pregnancy Paternity DNA Test

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Pregnancy is an emotional experience. Why let the question of uncertain paternity create a stressful pregnancy when PATERNITY WHILE PREGNANT offers a prenatal affordable test

We can determine paternity through samples collected from the mother (blood) and potential fathers (blood). The DNA profiles of all potential fathers are compared to the DNA profile of fetal cells from the maternal blood sample.

During pregnancy, fetal DNA circulates into the maternal venous bloodstream. As a result, the maternal bloodstream now contains rich amounts of fetal DNA. A blood sample from the pregnant mother will contain fetal DNA. All we need is a blood sample from the mother and a swab or discreet sample from the potential father(s).

Testing can be performed from 9 th week of Pregnancy.

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What is Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test?

Maternal Blood Paternity Test is a kind of prenatal and non-invasive Pregnancy Paternity DNA Test which can identify the parent-child relationship during pregnancy. DNA Labs UAE can analyze the SNP profile of the fetus through maternal blood using NGS technology. The Pregnancy Paternity DNA Test is no longer confined to the gender of the fetus due to this newly developed technology.

Who is suitable for Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test?

  • Pregnant women of any age.
  • Women who would like to avoid miscarriage risk following invasive prenatal testing.
  • Women with a singleton pregnancy and gestation week for more than 10 weeks.

Precautions for sampling

  • Specimens required are one tube of 10mL Streck Tube maternal blood and one tube of 6mL EDTA alleged father blood.
  • Specimens must not be stored in the refrigerator, just keep in a dry and cool place.
  • Specimens should be delivered to the laboratory within 48 hours after collection.
  • The client must be confirmed that she is at least 10 weeks of gestation.
  • The client must provide correct and reliable personal information for the test.
  • The client must read, understand and sign the consent agreement provided by the clinic before collecting a blood sample.

Pregnant women who are not suitable for this test

  • Gestational week < 10 weeks.
  • Gestational week > 22 weeks.
  • Multiple pregnancies (including twin pregnancy).
  • A pregnant woman is suffering from tumour disease or toxaemia of pregnancy.
  • Has undergone miscarriage or delivery within 6 months.
  • Has undergone allogeneic blood transfusion within 2 years.
  • Has undergone stem cell therapy, organ transplantation or immunotherapy.

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